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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The blessing is in the seed

Nourish beginnings, let us nourish beginnings. Not all things are blest, but the seeds of 
all things are blest.The blessing is in the seed. 
Muriel Rukeyser
Collecting seeds with my grandchildren, Fall 2010
The church my husband and I have belonged to for 31 years celebrates 50 years of ministry this year with the theme "Blessed to be a Blessing".   A request has gone out asking people to share:

As part of our anniversary celebration, we are hoping to share with each other how Ascension has blessed our lives. Maybe it was a baptism, a church life event, confirmation, first communion, a call or a card when things weren’t going well, special music that touched you, a particularly meaningful worship service, volunteering for Meals on Wheels or another outreach project.....
what special memories do you have of Ascension?

My children grew up in this church and the individual blessings are too many to name.  Though they were all three baptized in other churches in other towns, this little church gave them a foundation of faith that has proven strong.  They are all three parents now and we have come full circle - 
to new beginnings in the baptisms of their children, our grandchildren.
This is the blessing I cherish the most - the blessed seeds of faith planted in my children by the loving people of Ascension Lutheran Church.  It is a blessing that was not only planted but nourished through first communion, Vacation Bible School, youth group, Sunday School, Confirmation class, and Christmas programs.  My children were nourished through service as acolytes and crucifers as well as the less appealing service of cleaning  and mowing.  My oldest daughter was married at Ascension.  We gathered there for communion the evening before my younger daughter's wedding. 
 The important passages of their young lives were celebrated at Ascension 
and the church family encircled them in care and love.

And we, as parents, were nourished as well.
One morning many years ago, I went to a quilting gathering at the church with two young children in tow.  One was my two-year-old son and the other was an infant I was caring for.  It had been a stressful morning and some small thing - I don't even remember what it was - brought me nearly to tears.  One of the older women there, who taught my children in Sunday School, put her hand on my shoulder and with just a few words helped me put it in perspective.  She had been where I was, she knew how I felt, and she knew that a kind hand and a kind word were the nourishment I needed.  
I can still feel her hand and hear the kindness in her voice. It was one of many blessings.
As Ascension Lutheran Church celebrates 50 years of ministry may it continue 
to plant blest seeds and to nourish them.


Donna said...

Ginny what a wonderful community you have there and such a loving family ...you are truly blessed!!

Emi said...

LOVE this post! I don't know how I missed it when you posted it earlier this week, but am so glad I checked in today. I am forever grateful for the blessings that the Ascension family brought to my life.

Lisa Batts said...

Ginny, you made me cry. I feel blessed to be part of my church family and have similar feelings.