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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"We'd been graced"

My brother, Rick, and my son, Adam, celebrating their birthdays (May 28 and 29) together in 1983.

Today is my brother's birthday.  

He was the oldest of my siblings and just 13 months older than I. 
 I knew him longer than I have known anyone in my life.  

Last week my sister shared this article from the New York Times Sunday Review,  
in which Frank Bruni writes about the bond of siblings.  
These are the words that resonated with me the most: 

It’s as if we signed some contract long ago, 
before we were even aware of what we were getting into, 
and over time gained the wisdom to see that we hadn’t been duped. 

We’d been graced: 
with a center of gravity; with an audience that never 
averts its gaze and doesn’t stint on applause.

Today I think back on over 60 years of memories.
I think of how much I wish we were sitting on that porch tonight,
celebrating together.  I think of how "we'd been graced."

We miss you, big brother, more than words can say.
Happy Birthday.

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Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Rick and I send my wishes to you Ginny for continued peace and healing!!