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Monday, September 20, 2010

What is was was football

I'm not a fan of football in general.  I'd much rather work outside in the garden or read a good book than watch a football game on television.  But I am a fan of the college football Saturday experience, especially at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I went to school long enough to meet the love of my life.  We've returned to campus for a game whenever we've had the chance over the years - and we had a chance this past weekend.  It wasn't classic football weather - it was much too hot - but everything else about the day was memory-making fun.
Our son, daughter, and son-in-law joined us (all UNC-CH graduates) with four of our grandchildren for the pre-game festivities, including the drumline and the band. (This video is from 2008, but the sound hasn't changed.)

At the stadium spirits were high as the team arrived on the field.
The young fan in front of me soon shed his blue wig because of the heat, but he didn't shed his enthusiasm.

Our cheering and enthusiasm didn't result in a win, but it was a fun game all the same.
Afterwards we joined the crowd and walked to Franklin Street to our favorite restaurant and rooftop bar to cool off.
All in all, it was a blessing of a day.

And here is a blessing for all of us - Andy Griffith and his "What it was was football" routine.

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