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This blog is a digital blessing bowl, a place to record the small blessings that are often missed or forgotten but which make life holy. Feel free to add your own blessings to my blessing bowl. Or perhaps you'll be encouraged to start your own.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Who do you trust with your hair?

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges,
but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. 
~Author Unknown
Cutting my son's hair 1982

My sister cutting my step-brother's hair 1975

 We've saved a lot of money in haircuts over the years, and not just from barbering the boys.  My sister and I started by using the scissors on our own heads when we were little girls.  I don't have that picture, but I've seen it - not a pretty sight.  But later on we improved on our skills.  My husband hasn't been to a barber since the early 1970s when he was required to have a military haircut.  My sister has been barber for both of her sons and her husband.  When her oldest was a toddler she cut his hair while he slept because that was the only time he was still enough. We had a beauty shop session on our last girls' weekend.  Shampooing, cutting, and styling someone's hair in this way is a laying on of hands of sorts. They're all intimate acts of service and the one receiving the service is putting trust in the giver.  Having someone shampoo and massage your scalp can be a healing experience.  
We hope to get together for girls' weekends several times a year - maybe we'll make the beauty shop sessions a regular part of them.  Those haircuts may not be professional, but they are blessings.

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